“I generally write for myself. It’s a bit of therapy for me–allowing me to tackle everyday foils by innocently murdering my friends, family, coworkers, and the person who cuts you off on the freeway. So, my goal isn’t to be a famous writer … Hell, there are millions of aspiring ones on this site submitting every month. However, I’m sharing my works in hopes that someone else will enjoy the read, and, well, maybe, give someone else the inspiration to write his/her own novel or series … as other indie writers did for me…”
–LB Sisk, Author, cartoonist, philosopher, terrible mind reader, and recovering misanthrope…

L.B. Sisk works as a Director of Marketing for a robotics company, which supplies analytical systems for clients in medical, environmental and government laboratories. Sure, you’d think developing marketing collateral for sophisticated robots would be fun; however, when they’re boring and benefit Humanity … Blah. Blah. Blah. Therefore, by night, he aspires to share his twisted imagination with like-minded folk. He lives in the Portland, Oregon, which, according to some vagabond he met in Barstow, CA, is a beautiful, fantasy land of unlimited strip clubs and craft breweries. What more could you ask for?