Book I of the Executioner Novels

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After being ravaged by famine, genocide and 400 years of war, an ancient city-state known as Panteria has united the planet bringing peace for most, and unrest for others.

Rebels, Terrorists, or Freedom Fighters–The labels never matter. Good or Bad, they threaten the neoteric status quo. With secrets to protect at all costs, genetically and bio-mechanically enhanced soldiers are enlisted to combat all threats with extreme … diligence.

Nearing the end of thirtieth century, an unparalleled killer in the Army of Mutants escapes the brutality and seeks a life of peace. Jim St. John–recruited, trained and enhanced by the government as a boy to be the ultimate soldier–vows to stop the bloodshed, unearthing a civilization buried by catastrophe for over 800 years. Under St. John’s command, the ultra-soldiers of Crystal Mountain must rise above the surface to exact violent justice on those who threaten the nascent liberty. But nothing worth dying for comes easy.

Hell, when it’s all said and done, the Executioners may have to forget about saving the world and simply save themselves.

Steel yourself for the first volume of the Panteria Chronicles … Fallen.


An Executioner Novel, Book II

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“Protect the Innocent and be the Blade of Justice.”
– the Executioners’ motto

Jim St. John is concerned with becoming too visible, too soon. His Executioners have shed blood to become an ever-increasing force against “scum and villainy”— their name, a terrifying whisper for those who think themselves above the law, a force of light for those crushed by such ne’er-do-wells … and the law itself.

In light of this, the Executioners are quickly pulled into a malicious war with the manufacturer of a new and powerful “recreational” drug. But has this unseasoned group of vigilantes bitten off too much, too soon? After all, this new drug czar reigns with unlimited funds, an army of mercenaries, and an arsenal of illegal weaponry … and, apparently, isn’t afraid to use them.

Damned, the second volume in the Panteria Chronicles.
Join the ride.
Heads are about to roll…


An Executioner Novel, Book III

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The Crystalians may have crossed the line …

After the Executioners engaged in a questionable war with a major illicit drug manufacturer, the Panterian Guard and the rest of its surreptitious network have had to deal with the aftermath. Subsequently, the Guard, not particularly fond of dealing with matters that could have exposed them, has contracted “Infiltration” to handle this new threat of stigs. The very organization that the Executioners have vowed to destroy …

Meanwhile, Jim decides to take on a more active role in finding Rebecca, and the rest of his friends—his new family—have begun to understand the consequences of justice and revenge …

When push comes to shove, the Crystalians have sworn to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Truth. But, when they discover that the true enemy is greater and deadlier than anyone could have imagined, they realize that debt might just come due.

Panteria Chronicles: Carnage is the third and latest adventure of the Crystalians in the 31st Century.