Science and stuff!

Thankfully, as you dust off and revise a unpublished 20-year-old book, new scientific discoveries can pop up that can be incorporated into your work (i.e. Carnage) to freshen it up a little. Naturally, the discovery below is being considered as a possible leap for future computing, and not nearly the “molecular” light artifacts that are now in my works, but I can still dream of lightsabers (sorry, Disney, I’m using that word) and light projections with some “substance…”

New Form Of Light Could Support Quantum Computing…

Photons, which are the constituent particles of light are traditionally said to be massless and they don’t have an interaction between each other. According to a new experiment by a team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, there is evidence that photons can bind together in groups of two or three, which is evidence that they can interact between each other, which is a new form of light…

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